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The Second Season of Winx Club premiered on September 10, 2005 through March 11, 2006. Layla, the pixies and Helia are added to Winx Club in this season.


In season 2 there is a new member at the Winx Club called Layla (Aisha) she first apperce in Episode "Back to School" ("The Shadow Phoenix"), she comes out in wood crying and super tired the Winx ask her if she is ok and she falls right away Tecna scans her said she is ok she just tired. They bring Layla to Alfea where she can rest After five days straight the Winx are in there rooms wondering is that is going to wake up and when they realize that only 11 minutes are left before the sun goes up after school Layla wakes up and look around her and sees that Flora and Musa were in the room and after a few seconds Flora says that she wakes up and after a few more seconds the other Winx girls were there they all introductions there self to her after that Layla says "My name is Layla" and she asks where is her pixy Piff and she sees that she is slipping on a desk. When Layla feels hungry Stella gives Layla a sandwich that it wakes Piff up and stared to cry after that Layla sleeps a little more bit and she wakes up seeing that Piff is slipping and flying in the same time she fallow her until she saw she was running in to a window of a class room Layla rushes and catches her but the teacher sends her to the headmistress office.

In the office, after Layla tells Faragonda about Darkar, the headmistress gives Bloom, Stella and Layla, the mission to save the Pixies with the help of Sky and Brandom. After some drawbacks, the mission is strangely successful because the magical barriers in the Pixies prison just disappeared. Bloom and Stella bonds with Lockette and Amore respectively in the process. Latter the group goes to save Brandom from princess Amentia and return to Alfea, where the other Winx are happy to see her friends safe and sound.

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WinX 2-3 Day
WinX 2-3 Night
  1. The Phoenix of Shadow/Back to School
  2. The Return of the Trix/Princess of Tides
  3. Rescue Mission/Into the UnderRealm
  4. The Princess Amentia/Queen of Perfection
  5. Magic Bonding/Rescuing the Pixies
  6. The Wedding of Brandon/My Boyfriend's Wedding
  7. The Mysterious Stone/The Dark Tower
  8. The Crashed Party/Party Monster
  9. The Secret of Professer Avalon/The Angel of Doom
  10. The Crypt of Codex/Reaching for the Sky
  11. Race Against Time/Homesick
  12. Together for the Victory/Truth or Dare
  13. The Lady of the Ball/Gangs of Gardenia
  14. Battle on Planet Eraklyon/The Wrong Righters
  15. The Show Continues/Magic in My Heart
  16. Hallowinx!/The Fourth Witch
  17. Twinning with the Witches/Exchange Students
  18. The Heart of Cloud Tower
  19. The Spy in the Shadows/Shadows in Bloom
  20. The Village of Pixies/The First Charmix
  21. The Power of Charmix/Trouble in Paradise
  22. Wildland: The Great Trap/Last Resorts
  23. The Moment of Truth/Darkness & Light
  24. Prisoner of Darkar/Desperately Seeking Bloom
  25. Face to Face with the Enemy/Storming Shadowhaunt
  26. The Ashes of the Phoenix/The Ultimate Power Couple

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As Nickelodeon did with first season, instead of showing the original second season, transmits just one-hour special that, as the previous three specials, follow the original storyline with new animation.

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  • The Girls of the Winx Club

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  • We Are The Winx (Instrumental Version)